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Column Controls

Select one or more columns on the sheet and use the commands under the Format-Column menu to control column width and visibility. If the selected columns are in a PDWare table area, the settings are recorded and can be made persistent across PDWare sessions.


Commands Width, Hide, and Unhide behave the same in PDWare as in MS Excel™.


If the selection is in a PDWare table, autofit to the widest value in each selected column.

If the selection is not in a PDWare table, autofit to the widest of the selected values in each column (the same as MS Excel™)


User Lock command: If the selection is in a column that includes a PDWare table, hide each selected column and do NOT unhide if the Unhide command is applied.

If the selection is not in a PDWare table, ignore the command.


Unhide all columns included in the selection and reset the User Lock flag on each.

Unlock All

Unhide all user visible columns on the sheet and reset all User Lock flags. This command is independent of the selection.

Restore Default

Reapply the user specified default column settings on all sheets.

Set Column Defaults

Save the current column settings of all sheets to the user’s local “personality” file to be used as the default settings for all subsequent PDWare sessions.


Displaying Selected Columns (Fields)

Right-click anywhere on any of the Project, Program, Resource Data or Effort Forecast sheets and click the Select Fields menu


Move fields (column titles) between the Hidden and Visible boxes using the arrow buttons.

The Double Arrow (>>) buttons move all from one box to the other; Single Arrow buttons move the selected field(s).

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