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Menus and Icons

There are three primary command groups or locations: the menu bar, the toolbar, and right click menus. All are to some degree context dependent; right click menus are highly context dependent.

“Context dependent” means that commands are visible or enabled as a function of which worksheet is active and, for some, where the selection is on the sheet.

In MS Office 2010 and later the PDWare menu bar and toolbar are on the PDWare Portfolio ribbon:


Toolbar Icons


Right Click Menus

Many of the features of PDWare Portfolio can be executed only by right click command.

Project Data Right Click Menus

Right click a target cell outside the table on the Project Data sheet and a limited menu list appears for functions that apply to the Project Data sheet.

Right click on a selection inside the Project Data table and an extended menu list appears for functions that apply to projects on the selected rows.


Project Demand Right Click Menus


Resource Data Right Click Menus

MENURC_Context_ResData 2.jpg

Effort Forecasts Right Click Menus

MENURC_Context_Effort 1.jpg

MENURC_Context_Effort 2.jpg

MENURC_Context_Effort 3.jpg

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