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Interactive Financial Shale Chart


The interactive financial cost shale chart is a powerful portfolio analysis tool that enables you to select from a list of values to chart (e.g., forecast, baseline, actual, actual/forecast, etc.) and lets you select which elements to chart among financial categories, financial items, project field values, or net revenue - cost).

The series of diagrams below will walk you through the capabilities.

To get to the cost shale chart, go the the Financial module in Portfolio Desktop (via the dollar sign button) and click the chart icon in the middle of the second row of buttons.

Selecting the Data Series to Chart

The Cost Shale Analysis screen has three main sections:

  • Selection and Controls (on the left):
    • Chart Series selection 
    • Selected values to chart (i.e., subsets of data)
    • Project Field dropdown (if charting by project field, allows selection of which field to use)
    • Subset selection tables (for project field, financial items, and financial categories)
    • Chart Controls (just to the left of the chart)
  • Chart (on the upper right)
  • Data Summary (below the chart) 

As depicted in the image below, if you select the Financial Categories chart series, you'll be able to select which categories you wish included. Likewise, if you select the Financial Items series, then you can choose which financial items you wish to include. If you select the Project Field Values series, then you can choose which project field (via the green shaded dropdown in the image below), you want as your selection criteria. In the image below, Platform is chosen as the project field, so you can then select from a list of platforms which to include in the data. 

Note that the chart series you select (you can only choose one at a time) will determine the data elements shown in the chart.

Also note that even if you select a chart series, you can also fine tune your data selection among the other data sets (e.g., financial items, project fields, etc). Those additional selections will fine tune the data that is shown. 


The example below shows Financial Items selected as a series. Again, note that you can then select a subset of financial items to include in the data summary and the chart.


Selecting the Value Type and Project Field


Various types of values can be applied, as depicted in the image below.

In addition to selecting which values you want to use (Forecast, Baseline, etc.), as mentioned above, you can also select which project field you want to use for data fine tuning (or charting if desired). Simply right-click on the Project Field box and you'll be presented with a selection dialog, as in the image below.




To implode/explode hierarchy data in the project field tables, follow the instructions below.



Freezing the Y-Axis

You can freeze the Y-Axis (left side of the chart) to keep proportions consistent when looking at different data sets. Otherwise, the chart will reproportion itself based on the new data subset

In the example below, all projects are exposed, and the Y-Axis is frozen.



Subsets of projects can be examined as well. The image below shows the impact of selecting subsets of projects:



Additional Chart Options

















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