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Creating a project financial plan


After a project has been registered in the PDWare database, a user with financial rights can create financial assignments and enter planned spending and revenue by period. This financial plan can be updated, actuals can be recorded, one or more baselines can be created, and summary values can be posted to the Project Data sheet.

Availability: This feature is available in all builds from 400.000.

Step by Step

1.  Right click a cell on the project row on the Project Data or Project Demand sheet.

(The target project must have been saved to the database before creating a financial plan.)

2.  Select Show Financial Plan.

FIN RC Menu.png

The Financial module is opened with the Financial Detail sheet active. If there are no financial item assignments, the Insert Financial Assignment dialog is opened automatically.

3.  Select the appropriate Cost Center, select financial items, then click Insert to create the assignments.

Continue inserting cost centers and items until done, then click Close to exit the dialog.

FIN Insert Assign Dialog.png

4.  Enter period values for each item.

Value entry can be in units or currency. For physical items such as a piece of critical equipment or a lab, you may want to use units to say you need it half-time for a month. For Labor or Expense or Revenue you will want to enter a currency value.

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