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Financial Configuration and User Rights

Financial Configuration


User Rights


Single Project Financial Planning

Single project financial plans are accessed by right click on a project row on the Project Data or Project Demand sheet and selecting the right click menu Show Financial Plan. The Portfolio view of financials is accessed by clicking the $ PDWare toolbar icon. All features presented here under single project are available when in Portfolio Financial mode.

How to create a simple cost plan with PDWare Portfolio Financials

Using project plan templates to create a financial plan

See the guide Project Plan Templates for a more complete treatment of the project template feature.


Using financial Labor assignments

Using financial Revenue assignments

Setting a (financial) baseline

See the article Baseline Process Principles and Data Capture for a complete discussion of baselining.

Recording financial actuals

Using Forecast to Actual in PDWare Portfolio Financials

Remaining budget


Portfolio Financial Features

Characteristics of the Portfolio Summary sheet


Characteristics of the BFA (Baseline-Forecast-Actual) View sheet


Net Present Value (NPV) form of portfolio financials


Posting financial values to the Project Data sheet - Part 1

Posting financial values to the Project Data sheet - Part 2: Using Post Specifications

Posting financial values to the Project Data sheet - Part 3: Managing Post Specifications

Project hierarchy in portfolio views

Allocation of project financials to other projects


Show historical baselines for a project or for the portfolio


Chart Baseline/Forecast/Actual of one or more summary financial values


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