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Financial command behavior

Financial menu bar command

Refresh Data

Save Financial Data

Submit Baseline

Save Scenario

Map Productivity Fields

Select Baseline/Scenario

Right click menus

Select Rows                      Expose / hide the summary, calculated rows on the active sheet

Select Fields

Select Optional Fields

Financial Forecast to Actual

Post Labor Actuals

Post Labor Forecast

Insert Financial Assignment

Edit Assignment

Delete Row(s)

Show Project Hierarchy

Project Hierarchy Levels

Summarize to Parent Projects

Show Currency

Show Baseline

Show Forecast

Show Actual

Show Actual-Forecast

Show Financial Plan

Show Plan History

Variance Calculation

Set Priority Filter

Remove Priority Filter

Hide Zero Rows


Include All Excluded

Chart BFA


Cumulative Net

Net Rev-Cost


Total Cost

Non Labor Cost

Finance Labor


Calculated Labor

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