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1.3.4 Other Connection Parameters

Each type of connection needs to specify the following parameters. These parameters are controlling several product parameters and can differ between databases of the same kind.



Project Status

Specify the folder where project status reports will be shared between users. The folder should be on a shared network folder so all users can access it.

Click the browse button to specify the folder in the dialog.

Project UDF

Number of user defined fields on the project and program data sheets. Range is 1-60, default 10.

Resource UDF

Number of user defined fields on the resource data sheets. Range is 1-60, default 10.

Hours Per Day

The number of hours per day to use when converting FTE to hours. Default 8.

Default Capacity

The default capacity for each resource created in the system. Default 1.

Baseline By Admin

True/False. When true only administrators can baseline in the product. Default False.


Once all the parameters are specified click the Add button to add the database connection configuration to the pdwdata.xml file. The file will be created in the <App Folder>/Data folder. 

You can create as many database connection configurations as you need.

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