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1.1 Database

PDWare Portfolio Enterprise Edition supports 3 DBMS’s:

  • Microsoft Access (2000 or above)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (2000 or above)
  • Oracle (8i and above)


For Microsoft Access, a starter database will be provided with the software.  This file should be copied to a network drive that can be accessed by all users.

For Oracle and SQL Server*:

  1. Create a database user with DBA rights.
  2. Create/Select a database with 100MB of space.
  3. Run the provided SQL script to install the PDWare data model.

* For SQL Server, verify that the default database for the user is set to the PDWare database. Optional:  if you would like to create two database users (system user and application user), the following is required:

  • The Application user must have full read/write/update/delete access to all applicable PDWare objects.
  • For SQL Server, the table owner must be dbo. and not owned by the System user.
  • For Oracle, create synonyms for all applicable PDWare objects.


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