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4.7 Update License

To update PDWare Portfolio licensing with a license key provided by PDWare, select Admin-Update License, and enter the Company and Key information into the dialog box.

License keys will have 25 alphanumeric characters segmented in 5 character blocks separated by hyphens (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX).  Additional parameters may be added to the end of the license key to set global system options.  They should be separated from the license key with a hyphen (e.g. XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-LPV).

System Parameter Codes:

A: Audit parameter; Save Data automatically executes a Submit Data command (Submit Data is not visible).  Application will store the user, node, and time, whenever a user saves data to the database.

B: Show the Submit Data menu command as well as the Save Data command. (This option is meaningless if the "A" parameter is present.)

C: Include the name(s) of request approvers (resource node rights = 2 and above) in the Request Comment field in the Request module. The names prefix comment text.

D: Disable assignment (Effort Forecasts) delete; the Delete Rows command is not available on the Effort Forecasts sheet..

E: Calendar Module: If present, append comments to project name; absent, append project priority to project name..

H: Force project hierarchy mode if there is any hierarchy in the Get Data selection.

I:  Enable Query report.

L: Enable LDAP Authentication.

P: Force Password Entry.

Q: Project Manager Effort: Project check-out is required to add/update labor assignments.

R: Hourly Rate: If present, cost and bill rates are dollars per hour; if not present, rates are dollars per month.

S: Lock Status Data: Project Status information can only be changed in the PDWare Status module, not the Project Data sheet or Edit Project dialog.

T:  Save Data Comment:  Present a comment dialog every time the user executes the Save Data command. If the comment is empty, the string "No comment" is saved with the user ID and date and time of the save. Not required if the "U" parameter is present.

U:  Must Comment on Save Data:  Same behavior as the "T" parameter except that the user must enter text in the Save Data Comment dialog.

V: Resource Manager Financials. Non-Labor items are tied to the Resource OBS instead of the Cost Center OBS. Resource check-out is required to add/update non-labor assignments.

W: Filter Non-Labor Assignments: Non-Labor items can only be assigned if the Cost Center matches the Non-Labor Category field.

Z: Hosted Installation: (PDWare internal flag).

$: Display the Financial Extensions module toolbar button (a separately purchased product).

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