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4.5 Period Locks

Past or future time periods may be locked by an administrator to ensure that no changes are made to Resource Capacity or Effort Estimate data.

1.  Go to the Resource Capacity or Effort Estimate data sheet.

Only periods available in the PDWare frontend, those downloaded in Get Data, can be locked or unlocked.

2.  Select any cells in the columns for the periods to be locked. 

You can shift-click or control-click to select multiple periods.

3.  Select Admin-Lock Periods from the menu. 


The selected period columns are highlighted bright blue and are locked against change on Resource Capacity and Effort Estimates tables in the Portfolio Data book and on the Response Required table in the Request Resources book.

The lock is set directly in the database. This means that no further action is required to have the lock apply to all users who subsequently access the database. If any users have data checked out before the lock is set, they will be unable to check in data changes to the locked periods.

4.  Select Admin-Unlock Periods from the menu to release the lock and allow edits.

5.  To add/remove the blue highlighting on the locked periods WITHOUT removing the locks (e.g. for printing), select Format-Highlights-Period Lock Colors from the menu.

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