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4.1 Maintaining the Project and Resource Organization Breakdown Structures

PDWare Portfolio allows separate Organizational Breakdown Structures (OBS) for Projects, Cost Centers, and Resources.  Each OBS allows up to thirty levels of hierarchy.  Projects and Resources may be assigned at any node on their OBS trees.

To edit an OBS, select the Edit>Edit {OBS type} OBS menu item.

The OBS list is a tree structure with branches that can be expanded or contracted by clicking the ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols, or by double clicking the text of a node.

Click Add to add a node under the selected node.  Enter a node name followed by Enter.  The added node will become blue to indicate a change.

Click Edit to modify the selected node.  The added node will become blue to indicate a change.

Click Delete to delete the selected node.  The node will become light blue. 

All sub-nodes will be promoted one level.

Nodes that are checked out may not be deleted.

Nodes that have projects or resources assigned may not be deleted.

Note:  If nodes with sub-nodes are to be deleted, the recommended method is as follows:

  1. Expand all nodes to be deleted all the way to their “leaf”  or bottom nodes (i.e. to nodes that have no nodes under them).
  2. Select and delete the leaf nodes one by one. (Do not select and delete a parent node even if you have selected all lower nodes and deleted them.)
  3. Refresh Database.
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until done.


A node may be moved to a different branch on the tree using drag and drop.  The node will become a child of the node on which it was dropped.

Nodes that are checked out may not be moved.

Click Refresh DB to save the node changes to the database and refresh the tree.

Click OK to save the node changes and close the form.

Click Cancel to ignore all changes (made since the last Refresh DB) and close the form.

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