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Controlling Field Visibility with User Rights

An administrator can specify a right type and level required in order to see any of the columns on the Project Data, Resource Data, and Effort Forecasts sheets in PDWare. If the user does not have that specific right or greater, the column is locked and does not appear in any select fields list.

To restrict access to PDWare fields (columns):

1. Open the Administer Lists module.
2. Activate the Field Description tab.
3. Right click anywhere on the sheet and select menu Show Control Columns.
4. Enter the right type and level required for access to each controlled column.
5. Right click anywhere on the sheet and select menu Save Column Headings.

The Save to Database menu on the PDW Lists sheet also saves column headings.


The valid right types are:
"F"   Financial
"P"   Project
"R"   Resource
"$"    Rate

See the Edit Rights page in System Administration section for a description of all right values.

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