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Standard List Management

1.  Type over existing entries to edit data. 

2.  Create one or more blank lines at the bottom of a list to add a new records; then type or paste values.


To create new entry rows in a list, select a cell in the last row and press the down arrow once for each desired new entry row.
An alternative method is right click a cell in the list you want to add to and select the Add menu.

3.  To delete list items, right click a cell in the list item you want to delete and select the Delete menu. To delete multiple items at once, select cells in multiple rows (using left click-drag or select and Ctrl or Shift-Left Click), then right click in the selection.

image14_18.jpg  image14_19.jpg 

4.  To save changes, right click anywhere and select Save to Database.

If the name field of a list record is empty when Save to Database is selected, the record is deleted even though there is no strikethrough format or a “D” in the delta column.

NOTE: The list administration module can be accessed without getting data. Simply launch the application, cancel the Get Data dialog (after logging into the database), and select Admin-Administer Lists.

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