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Work Off-Line

work_off-line_note+icon.pngIn real off-line operation, the source database for the local PDW file is not accessible; however, in the training environment it is still accessible. Since the application automatically makes a connection if possible, some extra steps must be taken to simulate complete off-line operation.

Start the PDW Portfolio application.  Click Cancel on the Login dialog (this simulates working on a PC that has no connection to the database Repository – e.g., a laptop on the road).

Select menu command File-Open and double-click file “Training Demo.pdw” (or select it and click the Open button).

Notice that the Check Database Locks button shows an “?” (instead of the usual checkmark) to indicate unknown lock status.

Click the Project Data sheet tab.

Change the start date on the first project.

Select menu command File-Save to save the data to your local pdw file.

With the PDW Data book active, close it with the small “x” or with menu command File-Close

Select File-Exit to exit the application.

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