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Saving PDW Files Locally

You may want to save the PDW data file locally to do further analysis or for generating printed reports at a later point in time. You may want to continue data entry while at home or traveling and then later save those changes to the database. Both can be accomplished using File-Save As, and File-Open commands.

File-Save As saves the active PDWare Portfolio data workbook to the directory you specify. Subsequent File-Save operations save it to the file location in which it was opened. Most PDW workbooks cannot be saved locally. The PDW Data workbook can be saved locally but can be accessed only through the PDW application.

In a subsequent PDW Portfolio session, the saved Data book can be directly re-opened using the File-Open command without access to the database; all PDW Portfolio features are available.

saving_pdw_files_locally_note+icon.pngIMPORTANT NOTE: Do not try to open a saved PDW Data file (*.pdw) directly from Excel or by double-clicking in Windows Explorer. PDW Data files can be opened properly only by the File-Open command in the PDW application. You will receive a message indicating that the *.PDW data file can only be opened by the PDW application and then it will close.

saving_pdw_files_locally_note+icon.png The PDW Data file has a default initial file location in the Data sub-directory of the directory containing the PDW application. Unless you overwrite this file by a File-Save operation, this will be simply the initial state of the data book after the Get Data operation. In most cases the file path will be

c:\Program Files\EPMS\PDWPortfolio\Data\

saving_pdw_files_locally_note+icon.png A local PDW data file is also created if you choose to capture detail when saving a scenario. This is described later in the scenarios section under Problem Solving.

Select menu command File-Save As.

In the Save As dialog select directory c:\Program Files\EPMS\PDWPortfolio\Data\, enter “Training Demo” as the file name, and click the Save button.

Select menu command File-Close.

Select menu command File-Open.

In the Select PDW Data File dialog select directory c:\Program Files\EPMS\PDWPortfolio\Data\, then select Training Demo.pdw and click the Open button.

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