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Functional Description

When a major forward planning effort is required, the work of creating resource demand for many projects can be time and labor consuming. The job of creating a future portfolio is facilitated by providing a library of project templates containing all project data attributes and resource demand data.

An authorized user can add the project data record and the resource demand (Effort Forecasts) records of selected projects to the template library. All users can create projects with the associated Effort Forecast records by selecting templates from the library.

When a template is saved to the library, the resource and skill Effort Forecast records are saved as is or can be summarized by node-skill. . If the “Skills rollup” box is checked (summarization by skill) the template will contain only skill demand records. If there are named resources in the source and the “Skills rollup” box is not checked, the template will be specific about the named resources

When a template is retrieved from the library as a new project, the user can specify a total demand number different from the actual total demand in the template. The demand curve over time is proportionally adjusted up or down. The user can also specify a different number of periods from that of the template. The shape of the demand profile curve is retained but is spread over the different duration.

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