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Paste Import

Paste Import enables the creation or update of PDWare Portfolio records (projects, resources, or assignments) by copying data from standard MS Excel files.

Adding New Records with Paste Import

In a separate instance of MS Excel, open or create a source data workbook.

Make sure that each column of import source data has the exact column title for the field. The columns can be in any order on the source import sheet.


Copy the Project Import Source cells, activate the Project Data sheet, and select Edit-Paste Import. The priority of the Thor project will be updated to 33 and two new projects will be created, New Project and Thor2.


Copy the Effort Forecast Import Source cells, activate the Effort Forecasts sheet, and select Edit-Paste Import. If a resource with the name “New Resource” and a project “New Project2” have previously been saved to the database, the two assignment rows are created.


Using Key Fields in Paste Import

When importing updates to existing records, it is best to have unique Key values for each project or resource and to include the Key field in the source import range. If the Key field is not present, the project or resource name is used for the search. The Key field must be used if the Paste Import is to modify project or resource names.


If the Key field is present in the source data, the key value will be used to identify the record to be updated. If no match is found, a new record is added.

Using Key Fields in Paste Import of Assignments on Effort Forecasts

Key fields can be used in the source to Paste Import assignments on the Effort Forecasts sheet. A project key, a resource key, or both can be used to create or update assignment records.

Source MS Excel Workbook


Result on Effort Forecasts


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