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Save/Request Effort

Save New Effort Forecasts

A project manager (WBS user) who has checked out resources (i.e. who has resource edit rights to the current resource nodes) can create assignments and save them to the database using the Database>Save Data command.

The assignments and changes to Effort Forecasts created by the Convert ETC to forecast command are saved directly to the database. The next time the user opens the project WBS, resource availability will be the same as the current Team sheet.

Request Assignments

A project manager (WBS user) who does not have rights to check out resources in PDWare Portfolio must submit requests for resource availability not previously created by resource managers on the Effort Forecasts sheet.

Changes to level of effort values provided by the resource manager and new team members added by the project manager are captured as resource requests for assignments to the project. When the resource manager accepts the requests in PDWare Portfolio, the assignments with the new values will be on the Effort Forecasts sheet.

When the project manager opens the WBS module, the Team sheet will show the requested availability (assuming that the resource manager(s) accepted the requests as issued).

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