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Creating the Resource Plan for a New WBS Project

Team Members Defined by Resource Managers

Resource managers create or approve resource or skill assignments for the project in PDWare Portfolio. The assignments appear on the Effort Forecasts sheet with effort values that define availability of the resource or skill for the project.

When the WBS module is launched, the resource and skill assignments for the project are captured on the Team sheet with the forecast available effort.


Project Manager Adds Team Members

If there are no Effort Forecast assignments for the project or you need skills or people not currently assigned, click the Add Team Members WBS toolbar button.



Select the organization from which you need resources; select the people or skills you need; click the Add button. When done, click the Close button.

An assignment is created on the PDWare Portfolio Effort Forecasts sheet for each skill or resource added; effort values are left empty (i.e. no forecast effort).

The same resources/skills are added to the Team sheet with no availability.

[You create availability for team members with the Convert ETC to forecast command.]


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