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Entering Tasks

Phases and/or milestones that have been defined for the project in PDWare Portfolio appear as tasks with their defined dates (or the current date if no date was defined).

Enter start dates and durations as needed; enter duration of 0 (zero) for milestones.


If your process calls for planning and tracking at the phase level, the WBS portion of your plan is done. Click the Save WBS Data toolbar icon to save the WBS to the database.

If some or all of the default phases and milestones are not relevant, right click them and select Delete.

If no phases were defined for the project in PDWare Portfolio, the WBS sheet is empty initially.

Enter tasks and additional milestones as needed

Tasks are created by entering a task name in an empty row. The start and finish date are set to the current date and the duration is set to 1 (day) by default.

Dates and Duration

If you change the duration or the start date, the duration number of workdays (5 days per week) is added to the start date to create a new finish date.

If you change the finish date to a value later than the start date, the duration is recalculated to be the number of workdays between start and finish.  If the finish date is earlier than the start date, the start date is set equal to the finish date and the duration is 1 day.


To change a task to a milestone, just change the duration to zero (0). The finish date cell for a milestone is locked; if the start date is changed, the finish date is set to the same date.


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