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Task Level Schedule Planning

Task Level Schedule Planning

Scheduler Process

PDWare Schedule Planner provides the following features:

  • WBS creation with task and summary hierarchy to any level
  • Finish to start precedence relationships
  • Schedule calculation based on durations and precedence relationships
  • Gantt view of the task plan; task dates and durations can be modified by dragging Gantt bars
  • Update PDWare Portfolio phase dates from Schedule Planner
  • Seventeen pre-defined fields and sixty user defined fields are available for capturing project attributes; fields can be displayed in any order or hidden, most fields can be formatted by the user
  • State inconsistencies can be highlighted (the current date is compared to task/summary start and finish dates); the pre-defined fields State and % Complete can be populated automatically on user command
  • Request resources or skills for the project team from the PDWare Portfolio resource pool (work availability is provided by the functional manager response)
  • Assign team members to tasks and specify work effort required by time period (days, weeks, months, quarters, halves, years)
  • View work effort by project and by resource; color highlighting shows where availability is not sufficient for the required work effort

Launching the Scheduler Module

To launch the Status Module, right click on any row on any project type sheet (e.g. Project Demand) and select Show Schedule.

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