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Submitting Status from Project Data

If milestones are NOT being tracked or there has been no change to milestone dates since the last report, the project manager can make changes on the Project Data sheet to fields in one or more projects, set the As Of date, select cells in those rows, and use Database-Submit Status to report status.

Projects do NOT have to be checked out. A user can submit status for a project if:

  • The user has Project Manager rights to the project, or Project Edit or higher rights to the node of the selected project, and the selected node is not checked out by someone else, or
  • The project node is checked out by the current user.

POS (Project Objective Statement) and Status Notes can be edited directly in the cell or by right click in a cell on the project row and selecting menu Show Status Comments to launch a dialog with both fields.

When all edits have been entered, select the projects (single or multiple selection) and select the Database-Submit Status or Database-Submit Status with Baseline command.

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