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Field Edit Rights

Field Edit Rights

Fields that are recorded when status is submitted are of two types, standard and controlled. Project managers automatically have edit rights to standard fields.

Controlled fields are defined in the administered Status Field List. Fields in the list are visible in the PDWare Status module and can optionally be made read only.

Standard Status Fields

  • Status (GYR)
  • Project Name, Manager, Sponsor
  • Start, Finish, As Of, Phase dates
  • Phase Names
  • [Milestone dates and names are not available on the Project Data sheet. They are standard in the Status module.]

Controlled Status Fields

  • All Project Data fields, except the standard fields, can be included in the status field list.
  • Calculated fields such as FTE, Total Cost, are automatically read only.
  • List, Lookup, and direct entry fields are editable if not marked read only.
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