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Using the Status Module

The PDWare Status module serves two purposes; status data entry/reporting and review of project history and performance. The Status Entry sheet is used for the first purpose, all other sheets provide ways to see and understand previous reports and performance.

To launch the Status Module, right click on any row on any project type sheet (e.g. Project Demand) and select Show Status. The right click Show Status command is also available on the Effort Forecasts sheet and on Resource Request sheets.

A project OBS node owner has rights (P2 or above) to check out the node and change any field on any project. A project manager with manager rights to individual projects usually does not have node owner rights. The only way the project manager can change Project fields in the database is to submit status.

The only fields the project manager can modify and submit are the standard status fields* and the administrator defined status optional fields* that are not Read Only.

* See description below in Status Optional Field Types and Behavior.

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