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Edit Project

Select one or more projects; right click anywhere in the selection; click the Edit Project menu command. Changes you make in the dialog are applied to all selected projects.

If all selected projects have the same value in a field (column), the value appears in the box. If values differ, the text “<As Is>” appears (without quotes).


<As Is> in a drop down list means “do not change the current values”.

Empty text boxes have the same effect as list boxes with <As Is>; those fields in the selected records are not changed. To clear values in a field, choose <Blank>.


Differences between the insert project and edit project dialogs:


Drop down lists contain a null entry in addition to the list entries.


Drop down lists contain the <As Is> value; optional fields contain <Blank> as well.

Edit a Single Project

The name field can be changed.

All fields are filled with the values for the target resource

Edit Multiple Projects

The name field cannot be changed.

If any project has a different value for a field from the other projects, the text <As Is> appears in the field box; if all have the same value, the value appears.

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