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Project Data Sheet

The Project Data sheet contains more than 170 fields (cells on a row) for each project. Some fields are configured by PDWare administrators to contain relevant project attributes, others are free form entry fields left to the users choice or constrained by organization policy.


  • ∆ (Change/Delta): indicates whether a project record (row) is new (N), changed (C), or has had status or baseline submitted (S), since the last database save during the current session.
  • Status: shows the project manager’s subjective evaluation of project status, Green (G), Yellow (Y), or Red (R).  This flag is set by the project manager.
  • Priority: the session specific priority for analyzing resource allocation. The PDW Portfolio analysis algorithm uses this priority value to allocate resources to projects in ascending priority order starting with zero (blank). 
  • [This field is not saved to the database.]
  • Unit priority is copied to Priority every Get Data. Only Unit and Global Priority are saved to the database; if Priority is changed during a session, Save Data will ask if the changes should be saved to Unit Priority.
  • User Defined Fields 1 – 60: can be used for user- or organization-defined purposes. For example, an unused field can contain a filter criterion that will select a subset of projects that couldn’t otherwise be filtered together.

Some user defined fields can be restricted to values specified in the database by an administrator or can be defined as Green-Yellow-Red stop light indicator fields that display the appropriate color when a value is entered

You can expose all columns (fields) on the Project Data sheet by selecting the PDWare menubar command Format>Columns>Unlock All.

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