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Updating Requests

  1. Modify values in current assignment rows
  2. Select all assignment rows from which you want to create update requests
  3. Click menu Database-Submit Requests

Note: In an Update request, only the modified values are submitted; all other values are ignored.

For example, you as project manager had previously agreed with the resource manager that Janice would work half time on your CRM Device project during the Pre-Concept and Concept phases.

EF Before Submit Request


Now you want her to continue at full time during the Develop and System Test phases and then half time during the Launch phase.

EF Before Submit New Effort


Leave the selection in the row and click the Database-Submit Requests menu.

EF After Submit Request

After the requests are submitted, the Delta flag is “S” which stands for “Submit”. Since a project manager does not have rights to resource nodes, these assignments cannot be saved to the database directly as assignments. They are in a separate area as requests.

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