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Responding to Requests


Requests can be in one of the following states: Submitted, In Review, Rejected, Modified, Accepted.

For a resource manager, pending requests (Submitted or In Review) appear only on the Response Required sheet; all previously processed requests appear on the Requests to Me sheets.

How to

  1. Optionally modify demand values in the submitted request.
  2. Select cells in one or more rows on the Response Required sheet.
  3. Right click in the selection and choose one of the three responses.
  4. Click in the PDWare menubar Request > Save Requests.

The Accept menu item is enabled only if resources are checked out in the current session; the Review and Reject state choices are always enabled.

 The resource manager can change the values on the Response Required sheet for Accepted requests before saving them. The Effort Forecasts assignments will have the changed values. This does NOT change the request value.

When the resource manager clicks Request > Save Requests, Accepted requests are used to create assignments on the Effort Forecasts sheet, an automatic Save Data (to the database) operation is completed, and then the requests are saved to the database with their new states.

After the Save Requests operation is finished, Accepted and Rejected requests appear on the Requests to Me worksheet and no longer appear on the Response Required sheet.

Header Rows on Response Required Sheet

  • Resource/Skill availability: The availability (capacity minus total demand) of the resource or skill on the selected request row.
  • Current Effort values: The current Effort Forecasts values if the selected request is an update request.
  • Row 3: The currently selected request with original values unless modified in this session.

Color highlighting in row 3 shows where current availability* cannot satisfy request demand.

*   Current availability is calculated by subtracting ALL demand on the Resource Demand sheet from Capacity for the resource (or for all the resources who have the required skill).  Demand on the Resource Demand sheet is a function of optimization and filter selections (such as the Priority Filter).

This means that the priority of the requesting project is not considered directly. The color analysis should be treated as a gross indicator of availability.

To get a more accurate reading of availability for a higher priority project, set the Priority Filter to include only projects at or above the priority of the requesting project.

Notification of Pending Requests

If you have edit rights to all selected resource nodes when you Get Data, you will be notified if any requests are pending. “Pending” here means requests in the Submitted state. The message appears even if resources are NOT checked out (i.e. requests cannot be accepted, only rejected or put into review).

 NOTE: This message shows the count of requests in Submitted state from ALL projects in the database for the downloaded resource nodes.

If the project node selected on the Get Data dialog has no projects with pending requests, there will be no requests that can be responded to when the Request Module is opened. The Response Required sheet is not visible in this case.

When the resource manager opens the Request Module, the Response Required worksheet is active if there are any pending requests. Right click one or more rows to respond.

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