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Committed Assignments

If the PDWare administrator has defined one or more effort states as “committed” in the database, users can apply the state to assignments. Users have the option to allocate committed assignments before all other assignments.

The effect of using this feature is that committed demand on a lower priority project may be satisfied before demand for the same resource on a higher priority project. Committed assignments that exceed the capacity of the resource are highlighted the same as any other assignment.

Note: Get the name of the “committed” effort state from your PDWare administrator.

To set assignment state to “committed”:

  1. Select cells in one or more Effort Forecasts rows.
  2. Right click in the selection and click Commit Assignment.

This sets the Effort State field to the first committed state in the Effort State list.

An alternative method is to use the Edit Assignment dialog and select the committed effort state in the drop down list.

Note: The committed state has no effect on allocation calculation until the Allocate Committed First option is set in the Tools menu.

To apply the committed state to allocation calculation:

1.   Select Tools-Allocate Committed First.

If this menu item is checked, committed assignments are allocated before other assignments. If it is not checked, effort state is ignored in the calculation procedure.

To set the default state of the Allocate Committed First menu:

1.   Select Tools-Options to open the Options dialog.

2.   Click the Default Settings tab.

3.   Check the Default Allocate Committed First checkbox.

To commit assignments of external projects

If you select a sub node on the project OBS (tree) in the Get Data dialog and check the Include All Projects for Selected Nodes checkbox under the resource OBS, any assignments to projects from other than the selected node are considered “external”.

Resources can be external (check Include All Resources for Selected Nodes) but these features do not apply to assignments of external resources unless the project is external as well.

All external records on project, resource, and Effort Forecasts sheets are highlighted by italic font in most (but not all) PDWare modules. Exceptions include BFA.

To automatically set the committed state on assignments to external projects:

  1. Select Tools-Options to open the Options dialog.
  2. Click the Default Settings tab.
  3. Check the Default External Effort to Committed checkbox.

To manually set the committed state on assignments to external projects:

  1. Select Tools- Commit External Assignments.

This command is a toggle; it sets and removes the state on the assignments.

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