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Set Resource Capacity

The Resource Capacity sheet contains the total capacity for project work in each period for each resource expressed in full time equivalent (FTE) units or in hours.

Cells with no background color can be edited directly on the sheet grid.

Row totals and column totals are automatically recalculated when a period capacity value is changed.

A flag “C” appears in the  (Delta or Change Flag) cell in the row that is changed.  This indicates that changes have been made to that record since the last Get or Save Data operation.


  • The Assigned (Asg) column indicates the number of projects the resource is assigned to.
  • The Capacity Grid shows the amount of time per period a resource is available to work on projects.  “1.00” indicates one FTE (Full Time Equivalent) month – or week, half, quarter, or year -- depending on the granularity selected at Get Data.
  • The Detail Rows at the top of the screen show values for the currently selected resource in the table. All resource type sheets (e.g., Resource -Capacity, -Utilization, -Variance, -Demand) have the same detail rows.
    • “Demand” is the sum of demand from all projects needing the resource.
    • “Capacity minus Demand” is also known as Variance.
    • “Demand % Capacity” is Demand divided by Capacity.
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