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Resource Data Sheet

Typical fields on Resource Data.


Resource sheets cannot be sorted. The Resource Hierarchy Report can be sorted (see below under Reports).

  • Primary Skill: Each resource can have one primary skill. This is used to filter candidates for assignment to projects and for summary reporting at the skill rather than individual level. Secondary skills are discussed below.
  • Cost Rate & Bill Rate: enable calculation of the labor cost and revenue of the portfolio.
  • Key and Fields 1 – 60: can be used to integrate with other systems, to record resource attributes, or for various purposes such as filtering.
  • Active: can be set to “N” when it is no longer necessary to see utilization of the resource in PDW reports, for example when a person leaves the company. The download operation ignores inactive resources by default. Inactive resources can be downloaded by checking the Include Inactive checkbox.
  • Skills Grid: is used to relate skills to resources. Simply enter a defined proficiency tag to indicate proficiency; or delete values to remove a skill association from a resource
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