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Effort Forecasts Sheet


The resource manager “owns” the data on the Effort Forecast sheet.

Effort Forecasts_Sheet_With_Headers.jpg

Color indicates that the resource does not have enough capacity (after handling higher priority projects) to meet the project’s demand.

Use the right click menu Show Header Rows to display the rows at the top of the screen. The row containing the first cell of the selection determines the Gantt bar and data shown at the top of the sheet. As the selection changes, the contents of the header rows changes as well.

Header Rows

Gantt Bar of project on the row containing the selection

  • The Gantt Bar graphically displays the phases of the project on the row containing the selection.

Resource on the row containing the selection

  • Capacity shows the total capacity in each period of the resource.
  • Demand shows the total demand by all projects for the resource.
  • Availability equals Capacity minus Demand.

Assignment results for the row containing the selection

  • Allocated and Allocated % are the result of the PDW allocation algorithm for the selected resource on the selected project. Allocated % is allocated effort divided by the demand (from the Effort Forecasts grid row). See section on Allocation Calculation options for more information.
    When data values are entered on Effort Forecasts, the Allocated and Allocated % rows are cleared until you click the Recalculate button.
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