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Defining Assignments

Defining Assignments

An assignment is an association between a project and a resource or skill from a resource organization. In PDWARE PORTFOLIO, an assignment appears as a row on the Effort Forecasts sheet.

The Effort Forecasts grid is where the resource manager enters the amount of time per period a resource is required for work on a project.  If entering data in units of effort (Full Time Equivalent or FTE), 1.00 indicates one FTE/period. Demand and supply (capacity) can also be entered in hours.


When you are scoping the resource requirements for a new project or defining the requirements for an upcoming phase of an on-going project,

the demand should reflect the needs of the project,

even if that need creates overloading of resources. Given the scope of the project and its target schedule, how much effort is required from each resource in each time period? At this point the priority of the project is usually not defined.


After the scoping has been done (whether for a new project or new phases of an existing project), the project team and functional resource managers work through portfolio achievability analysis to trade off timing, scope, and resources until agreement is reached. At that point

the resource baseline is set equal to the agreed upon demand

(in addition to schedule and scope baselines).


After the baseline is set, effort forecast values for resources on the baselined project reflect

the resource manager’s prediction of how resources will be deployed

This can be thought of as the current staffing plan which may vary from the baseline (but usually should not vary widely without changes to scope or schedule).

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