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Transfer Assignment Demand

Why transfer assignment demand?

With this right click feature, you can transfer demand or shortfall from one assignment to another. If the target selection is in the period data columns, demand or shortfall is transferred from those periods only. If the selection is in the label area to the left, all demand or shortfall will be transferred.

Reason 1: a duplicate assignment was inadvertently created with valid demand in some periods that have no demand in the original assignment.

Reason 2: a resource with valid demand in future periods is leaving the company or is transferring to a different department, you can move the future demand to another resource currently assigned to the project.

Reason 3: you have multiple skill assignments on the project from resource nodes different from the node of the source assignment and you want to transfer demand to a specific one of them.

(Note: the Convert Demand to Skill feature does not move demand to a resource assignment, only to a skill assignment and the selection of the destination assignment is automatic - the user has no control.)

How To transfer assignment demand

See a brief video.

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