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Extend Right - Slip Remaining Demand

The Extend Right operation preserves the demand profile of the end of the project and fills the vacated periods with the run rate from the target period.

This “slip” operation takes the area defined by the selected period thru the last period and moves all forecast values the specified number of periods to the right (this command does NOT work to the left). It also copies the effort values from the target period into the vacated periods created by the move if any.

extend_right_-_slip_remaining_demand_note+icon.png NOTE: These operations affect ALL assignments including non-labor values.

extend_right_-_slip_remaining_demand_note+icon.pngUndoing this operation is a little tricky; pay careful attention to the next steps.

Select the slipped periods at the right of the demand and use Move Selection with the negative number of periods slipped. Then if there are any filled periods to the right of the original demand, select those periods and use the Clear command.

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