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Exclude Project

This operation does NOT delete any data; it just excludes the data from analysis calculations. Exclusions can be removed individually or as a group.

To exclude a project:

  • Activate the Project Data, Project Demand, or Project Analysis worksheet.
  • Select cells in the row of the project(s) you want to exclude.
  • Right-click within the selection.
  • Select Exclude Project.

To include a specific excluded project:

  • Right click a cell in the row of the excluded project.
  • Toggle Exclude Project to the Off state.

To include all excluded projects:

  • Right click anywhere on the sheet.
  • Select Include All.

To view the effect of excluding projects on portfolio values:

  • Open the PDWare Project Hierarchy Module.
  • Right click in the data area and select the value type of interest.
  • Normalize windows or select Window-Arrange.
  • Activate the Project Demand sheet.
  • Exclude target project(s).

Allocation and financial calculations occur automatically. The data in the Hierarchy Module show the effect of excluding the target projects.

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