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ResourceFirst Cumulative Release Notes

This page contains ResourceFirst Release Notes. Please visit here regularly, as the notes will be revised with each new release.

Below are the cumulative release notes for ResourceFirst.  More more details, see the  2018 Release Sheet

RELEASE 3/15/2018


·        New Features

o   Project demand allows switching between: demand, allocation, shortfall, and % allocation values

o   Resource Utilization allows switching between: capacity, demand, Variance, and % utilization

o   Project demand and resource utilization support rollup summary into view columns


·        Fixes

o   Admin can reset a user profile in case of issues with login

o   Assignment count in resource detail forecast pages shows correct count after reload (used to accumulate)

o   Request state changes not reflected in the UI



RELEASE 3/1/2018


·        New Features

o   New Drag-fill functionality on forecast and capacity tables

o   New spreadsheet view on forecast, capacity, demand, utilization, and financial assignment views.

o   Column and row totals on forecast, capacity, and financial views

o   Support for Copy-Paste in Financial, Forecast, and capacity pages.

o   Support for locking columns for freeze pane like functionality


RELEASE 2/10/2018



·        Fixes

o   What-if scenario on project demand is in % allocation

o   Initiation form validates column change rules


RELEASE 1/29/2018


·        New Features

o   What-if scenario on project demand

o   Validation and Change control rules can be set on fields in Admin->Column Headers. This allow for validating field input based on other fields. Making other fields mandatory based on input, updating other fields based on input, and verifying other fields values based on input

o   Live search on project and resource lists (can search any visible column for and text entered)

o   Timesheet Webapi can return total hours reported per period in a new Compliance call


·        Fixes 

o   Adding financial assignment shows error message if not all fields are selected (in the past just closed the dialog without doing anything)



RELEASE 1/5/2018


·        New Features

o   Admin can define mandatory fields for Project, Resource, and assignment (for these to be enforced they need to be in the view)

o   Admin setting to exclude inactive resources from time tracking compliance report

o   Project and resource name are editable in the Data tables (you need to tab into the field to enter edit mode) editing in the detail header has been removed


·        Fixes

o   Error when notifying user about export successes

o   Assignment webapi did not set skill correctly

o   Hide columns based on rights

o   Verify mandatory fields before taking baseline

o   Request not loading when there is a node or resource udf filter

o   Changing view on Forecast locked screen

o   Endless loop when personal forecast page has duplicate assignments

o   Edit view name changed type to timesheet


RELEASE 11/30/2017


  • PMO Score chart only shows the top 25 scoring projects
  • Assignment UDFs are available to be added to the financial view (in project detail) the column in the user view will be remembered for the next session


  • Links to project detail and resource detail work from all pages
  • Changes from any detail tab (project or resource) automatically reflect in all tabs

RELEASE 10/15/2017


  • On Project detail, created (by and time) and modified (by and time) information is displayed in the project header when available. Note: created information requires turning on audit on projects
  • Actuals API for both labor and non-labor assignments
  • Timesheet API - added the ability to delete a timesheet detail row
  • Administrators can define a column data type on any field. Available types are:
    • Text
    • Text area
    • Html
    • Hyperlink
    • Number (regular, currency, or percent)
    • Date (local or custom)
    • GYR
  • Users can create a copy of a project with or without forecast, schedule, phases, milestones, and financial assignments
  • Insert financial assignment uses a grid for selecting the non-labor item instead of a drop down


  • Project forms showed only the first section after a reload if the form contained a User Defined Field (UDF) with a list
  • Timesheet API - fixed the sync method to remove deleted rows
  • Multi-select resource nodes caused an error on the request page
  • Update multiple projects error on update manager rights, when the manager field is in the view.


RELEASE 10/3/2017


• FEATURE: Submit baseline available in the project detail
• FEATURE: Project can have a weight (1-100%) against the strategy they are a part of.
• FEATURE: Node dropdown are now searchable by wild card

• FIXED: Get project nodes, in specific cases, showed invalid nodes if the user had some project manager rights to project
• FIXED: Node drop downs are filtered based on the user get data parameters, not only what they have rights to
• FIXED: In some cases, PM right was not assigned to a user after he was put as the manager for the project

RELEASE 9/16/2017

• FEATURE: Get Nodes WebApi
• FEATURE: SSO Support for WebApi get token

• FIXED: Issue with the menus on the Resource Tab

RELEASE 8/18/2017


• FEATURE: Tracking in hours can be forced to be in hours, fte, or both, as a configuration setting in the admin section.
• FEATURE: Changed all comboboxes in the Insert Project/Resource/Assignments to drop downs with search capability

• FIXED: Timesheet WebApi didn’t return total hours reported for periods
• FIXED: MSP import date shift because of weekends
• FIXED: User profile resetting to All node when home page activates/reset

RELEASE 6/26/2017

• FEATURE: Column Heading are editable in the admin section

• FIXED: issue when in some cases Project read right could create a project.
• FIXED: SSO not setting user profile correctly getting stuck in a loop

RELEASE 5/30/2017

• FEATURE: When approving request for new assignment the system will check if someone
added an identical assignment and asks if the user wants to update the existing one or create
a new assignment
• FEATURE: Resource WebApi
• FEATURE: User WebApi
• FEATURE: Timesheet WebApi

• FIXED: Users can change the assignment state on forecast pages
• FIXED: Error when editing formulas for ranking
• FIXED: Cast error on approve request in Oracle
• FIXED: Empty project list when adding external dependency to project scheduler
• FIXED: Oracle get assignment allocation order. Allocations colors display correctly.
• FIXED: Export PDWare XML file to include secondary skills

RELEASE 5/8/2017

• New PMO space with demand analysis, roadmap, risk analysis, and scenarios
• New optimization calculation with support for allocate committed first and allocate to skill
• Projects can be excluded in scenarios to see impact
• Scenarios can be applied to portfolio prioritizations
• Support for Node list filters on any list
• Hide zero rows remembers between sessions
• Scheduler supports multiselect of tasks
• Scheduler tasks can link with Project Status Phases and Milestones
• Scheduler supports external dependencies
• PM can request forecast changes based on scheduler changes and discrepancy between
project plan and assignments
• Support for column visibility based on user rights

• FIXED: personal page always shows all personal assignments
• FIXED: Export projects Active field
• FIXED: Export secondary skills
• FIXED: Resource histogram uses assignment forecast as availability
• FIXED columns can be hidden based on right level

RELEASE 3/1/2017

• Redis backend for caching and calculations
• New Scheduler Gantt design with: undo/redo, copy paste, baseline, auto schedule, compress
• Scheduler new feature:

• FIXED: max timesheet value in FTE

RELEASE 1/1/2017

• New REST webapi for creating, reading, and updating projects
• Mapped columns in Forecast views are colored based on source table

• FIXED: Assignment comment not saving on request
• FIXED: Save project data from list when Risk & Issue score columns are there
• FIXED: PROJECTDESCRIPTION & PROJECTPOS fields flipped on Admin->Views->Project view
• FIXED: Admins can't destroy required views and forms
• FIXED spelling and grammar errors
• FIXED: Can't create duplicate views/forms of required names
• FIXED: Scheduler task name saving empty names

RELEASE 11/03/2016

• FIXED: add skill assignment script issue (dialog won't show up)
• Fixed: skill panel showing up on max window
• Fixed: project detail demand analysis uses optimize table in month mode
• Fixed: filter panel showing up on max window
• Fixed: Editing locked after changing views in effort forecast
• Fixed: spelling issue on recalculation
• Fixed: financial view doesn’t edit after reconfigure (changing view)
• Fixed: Totals on new replace assignment and source assignment update on replace
• Fixed: editing owner field in project charter
• Fixed: clearing number of period on get data
• Fixed: Covert/replace on empty assignment brings a confirmation box
• Fixed: adding risk and issue score to project view
• Fixed: filtered the Assigned and HasSkill rows from resource views

RELEASE 9/20/2016

• Added Actual row to resource utilization detail
• Pulse Engine allows setting of time for last run
• Added test query grid to pulse engine
• When looking at Effort Forecast drilldown to a resource, add assignment automatically filters to
the resource itself
• User can edit allocation on candidate before replacing (allows for over or under allocation)

• Delete scheduler task in Oracle
• Disallow negative values on timesheets
• Added confirmation on view save
• Fixed case when undefined shows in Timesheet row for comments
• Fixed duplication on Manage timesheet when a resource node has multiple forms defined (case
when using iTeam and ResourceFirst in the same database)
• Cost Centers display correctly in Financial (not filtered based on resource node right)
• Fixed: Edit on long table caused a jump
• Fixed: Column headers menu disappeared after a new view load
• Fixed: Complete edit on tables before save
• Fixed: Jump to first page when drilldown on project/resource
• Fixed: Show all removes column filters as well
• Fixed: Skill Pane works on low resolution screens
• Fixed: Skill columns are twice the width they used to be
• Compliance & Status report set status to -1 when period and no timesheet returns NULL. (as a
result were painted green on the screen now paints as grey)

RELEASE 8/12/2016

• R1 can approve requests R0 can see requests made by them and delete if still open
• Date parameters in pages
• Pages now refresh on all changes (no need to refresh)
• Separate date parameters for labor and financials (for example, you can have demand in months
and financial in quarters)
• Utilization Detail now supports hours
• Column Headers can be reloaded from administration settings
• Actual row in resource utilization detail
• Confirmation on view save

• Switch Track for issue in Oracle
• By hours remembered between sessions
• Disallow negative values on timesheets
• Delete scheduler task in Oracle
• Duplication on Manage timesheet when a resource node has multiple forms defined (case when
using iTeam and ResourceFirst in the same database)
• Undefined shows in Timesheet row for comments

RELEASE 7/13/2016

• Tabs refresh on change
• Converted distribution to decimal for precision
• Timesheet Compliance report now has all stats

• Roadmap sorts by priority
• Oracle issue with comment field on timesheets
• Compliance cast issue in MSSQL
• Delete timesheet row and request issue in Oracle

RELEASE 6/30/2016

• Updated skill assignments with no demand become inactive
• You can edit nodes on financial assignments
• You can update skill, comment, and active field on labor assignments
• Administrators can control the availability of request functionality, and session timeout
• Portfolio values by Hours
• Menus open/close on click not hover
• SSO support for SAML 2.0 (Clarify, Okta support)
• Oracle support
• Notification can have a prefix message
• Scheduler now auto-saves changes

• Resource node path are wrapped correctly in resource detail
• Ranking issue when using a list (displayed list id instead of value) still needs to display list item
text in the column
• Sort issue on forecast skill
• Description sort issue (showing in reverse) on forecast
• Financial not showing in cost center nodes number of rows in grid
• Pulse execution with interval different from 1
• Project Ranking view is now displaying list items and calculates correctly
• Ranking detail issue with drop downs
• Empty skill sort issue (mismatch between count and rows returned)
• Adding resource assignments with no skills
• Adding tasks to scheduler with no start and end date
• Time tracking view not switching issue

RELEASE 6/2/2016

• Replaced Memcached with Redis
• New project phase scheduler view with milestones and start-finish ranges
• Project is set in insert assignments dialog when you drill down to the project
• Row Total on effort forecast

• Session timeout issue redirecting to the login page.
• Financial rights issue. f0 can see, f2 edit, f1 edit on project only.
• Scheduler indentation issue
• Timeout issue with number of minutes

RELEASE 4/9/2016

• Ranking Administration: Administrator can now manage the ranking fields, lists, and formulas in
the administration space.
• Project Rank Detail: In the project detail space, a new Rank panel allows the assignment of rank
values to different rank fields
• Project Ranking: In the project area a new ranking tab allows the assignment of formulas to
project and the calculation of project score base on rank fields values.

• Updating comment on a timesheet row after values were added doesn’t clear changes
• Changed save template to a background process not to timeout

RELEASE 3/18/2016

• Added node-view association for timesheets (different departments can have different
timesheet views)

• Fixed display issue when switching Tracking for when the timesheet view changes
• Blank dates on project/resource fields doesn’t break save, and save blanks
• Compliance report shows only T1 rights & Admin
• For internal deployment, fixed Loading issue with Mode=Edge
• Resources can save with empty skill and/or cost category
• Grouping summary now displays only two decimal points on all recalculations .

RELEASE 2/20/2016

• Added expand/collapse panels on manage timesheet & track time.
• Added ticketing server setting for the server setting to be used in cases when Qlikview needs
• Project Detail now has a Status tab with the ability to submit status report on selected fields
(defined in the Project Status Report view) and report Phases & Milestones
• Added the ability to import CSV files from the project and resource grids.
• Added the ability to remove drilldown filter on the Forecast page
• Added close button for notifications popups
• Reformatted the top Project Detail information bar

• Fixes field switch between project description and status notes
• Fixed time tracking issue when changing By FTE & By Hours
• Fixed assignments being created with empty Resource, Skill, and Non-Labor (Financial)
• Replacing an assignment with a candidate can add to an existing assignment of the candidate
• Show mask when searching for candidates
• Forecast exports dates now use fiscal periods or calendar for headers

RELEASE 1/22/2016


• Initiated Project Approver right level is now controlled by server setting
• Allow delete initiated projects without approval or reject
• Pulse email notifications now support CC
• Users can now create & apply project templates
• Users can control which tabs display in Project Detail
• Changed icons to a new set.

• Project Detail menu options now are in a float panel and don’t squeeze the project detail
Fixed User list display issue when password is blank

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