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Version (2019-02-26): Proxy Configuration

PDWare Portfolio Configuration for using Socks Proxy to Access Azure Databases

The PDware desktop application now allows accessing database connections through a Socks proxy server. To enable this option you must place a file called “Proxy.xml” into PDWare’s configuration folder. By default this location is in the user’s AppData folder (c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\PDware). When this file is present, PDWare Portfolio desktop will use the settings in this file to connect to the specified database through a Socks proxy server.

A sample version of this file is below. An explanation of each field follows.

<?xml version="1.0"?> 







                <ProxyUsername />

                <ProxyPassword />



Field Explanation

AzureHost:  The Database server. Connections to this server will be redirected through the Socks proxy. Must be specified as a HostName, not an IP Address.

AzurePort: The port the database is listening on. Typically 1433 will be correct.

RelayPort: Specify a port on the local machine that isn’t used by another application. This port must match what is specified in the ConnectionString for the database, as seen in the Login dialog.

ProxyHost: The hostname or IP address of the Socks proxy.

ProxyPort: The port the Socks proxy is listening on.

ProxyUserName/ProxyPassword:  If the Socks proxy requires a username, enter the credentials in these fields. Authentication other than by Username/Password is not currently supported.

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