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Version (2017-11-13)


Added: Copy Project To right click command: copies the EF assignments from the right click target project to the selected destination project with optional rollup of named resource assignments to Skill assignments

Added: Multi select target projects/resources for the Assign Resources dialog

Added: Project state filter feature

Financial Module:

Added: Project filters are applied to Portfolio Summary and BFA View sheets; also applied to Financial Detail sheet if Apply project filters to demand is checked in the Options dialog.
Added: Remember last active sheet in Portfolio mode and activate it on open
Added: Enhanced Post to Project Data functionality
Added: Ability to Post Variance % with % format
Added: Include Capital (in total cost) toggle command in the Financials menu
Added: Show & Post current baseline names
Added: RC menu Show Programs only; all parents and children
Added: In hierarchy mode, filter a member of a program shows entire branch
Added: Post specifications are saved to a separate Post.ini file so Post settings can be distrbuted among financial users
Added: Match project filter menu command; set true by default if projects are filtered when the module is opened.

Fixed: rounding bug introduced recently on the Financial Detail sheet
Fixed: error in match project filter when only 1 project is present because it is a Show Financial Plan from Project Data
Fixed: error if no parents and Summarize by Category
Fixed: Hide Zero on NL Category sheet
Fixed: error in FinDirtyHandled procedure
Fixed: Number format and horizontal alignment showing optional fields
Fixed: Lock code on UDFs fails to lock, does set color on column
Fixed: Variance % column on BFA sheet to have "0.0%" format
Fixed: Too many Save changes messages when changing display values
Fixed: error on insert Labor assignment, then select that row 
Fixed: Insert Financial Assignment leaves both Cost and Bill Rate cells unprotected if in Currency mode
Fixed: Labels disappear on the 2 header column total rows when using Column commands to change column display.

Changed: "Post Forecast to Actual" to "Forecast to Actual"

Manage Work: 

Added: Ability to modify demand on resource candidates on the Process Request sheet
Added: Request as candidates and a View All Requests sheet
Added: Access Manage Work from the Effort Forecasts sheet, default to resource on the active row if a resource assignment is selected.
Added: Access the Manage Work module from a PDWare toolbar icon.

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