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Version (2017-3-8)

Added: Drill Down to Financial Detail sheet; many other tweaks and fixes
Added: Right click in Financial Detail UDF titles to edit field names locally for the user
Added: A Select View dialog similar to the dialog in the Portfolio Data book
Added a debug "read current phase as of date" from pdw.ini for the Current Phase map calculation (not available to end users)

Fixed: Fixed the Insert Resource fix which disabled Edit Resource
Fixed: Closing the Insert Resource dialog without entering a new resource clears all but the 1st row on the Resource Data sheet   (It does NOT delete records.)
Fixed: Make View labels bold; fixed failure to clear view name on Project Data when non view fields are specified with Select Fields
Fixed: Error when copying a 1 column selection to a 1 column range with same # rows
Fixed: Build RSK table from primary skills if the object array is empty

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