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Version (2016-12-28)

Added user setting of status due date; many fixes and enhancements

Fixed incorrect handling of NEW revenue rate calculation
Fixed: Error in ClearProjectHierarchy at Get Data when hierarchy is present (ForceHierarchy called before Project Data table is built)
Fixed: Export precisely values, row-column sizes, shapes on any non PDW module sheet
Fixed: Left over period data columns getting fewer periods
Fixed: Autofit of columns on Show Financials was too wide
Fixed: Defect calculating demand before project start period for the diagnostic filter; other fixes for webinar 2017_01_26
Fixed: Handling of Bill and Cost rates on Revenue category items
Fixed: Yellow fill in Delta cell after a sort on Financial detail
Fixed: Right click doesn't uncheck Show NPV
Fixed: Duplicate fin item FLID after insert assignments
Fixed newly introduced bug with Show Financial Plan in HierarchyMode: [fix is gbHIER = False if gPLID > 0]
Fixed several bugs and made some enhancements including Restore Initial Priorities
Fixed: Stop normalizing and minimizing windows when autoloading BFA

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