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Version (2016-11-30)

Added function call FINIsNPV for Sensitivity Analysis and any other module
Added Show Financials in summary; added column autofit and correct number format
Added node rollup; added labe titles and formatting
Added: Project-Portfolio performance summary report
Added: Summarize demand by assignment type; skill, employee, contractor, TBH
Added range "WIFRIFMode" to flag saved .pdw file as in reduced state
Added: Show Changes Only

Fixed: erroneous handling of  Post Labor Actuals
Fixed: Defect calculating NPV when (project?) start date is before the  start of the 1st fiscal period
Fixed erroneous handling of duplicate labor items on projects in Post Labor Forecast/Actuals
Fixed multiple issues and added enhancements for Hospira
Fixed: Can't update assignments with Paste-Import because of a faulty project name test
Fixed: Incorrect placement of project field values in Financial records
Fixed: Paste-Import: Failure to detect a project name in the project list
Fixed: Paste-Import: Remove bold on the delta flag
Fixed: error storing financial value in the Pivot Date column
Fixed:    Cleaned up sheet formatting; streamlined Get Rates; removed user defined report code; general cleanup
Fixed error when value array aV is empty in Column summarization
Fixed: Now able to save duplicate user names; duplicate user ids are highlighted but the database constraint prevents save.
Fixed: User ids with an apostrophe are highlighted on load and on change to the column; save is aborted if any apostrophes remain

Changed a comment in SetConstantColWidth

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