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Cloudy Community News: October 2017

ResourceFirst training: October 11, 12 & 13

If your organization has had recent personnel changes, you may want to consider our new ResourceFirst 101 remote training class. This class consists of three 90-minute sessions and is perfect for any new user of ResourceFirst. The class will run Wednesday - Friday, 11:00am – 12:30pm Eastern Time. The cost is $650.00 US per student. If you are interested, please email to receive a syllabus and to get on the registration list.

Feature Highlight: Resource Utilization View

One of the most important ResourceFirst features is the utilization view. This view shows which resources are over committed and which are allocated at a reasonable level. RED shows overcommitment and BLUE shows allocation below acceptable levels. Most users take the tool setting and run with the defaults. However, the color bands in the utilization view are easily customized from the Admin module. Not every organization views overcommitment the same way, so this feature allows your company to put some local meaning behind the color. Learn more about managing resource utilization form here: CSS: Managing Utilization

Strategy Execution Method

SPACER downloadMore and more companies are using ResourceFirst to link business strategy execution to their portfolio execution processes. The PDWare™ SPACER method is an approach to strategy execution that leverages portfolio management and resource management concepts for prioritization and feasibility analysis, while allowing room to address the inevitable and unpredictable challenges that occur in every lifecycle. The goal of SPACER (strategize, prioritize, allocate, callibrate, execute and review) is to help ResourceFirst clients think about their mature state from very early on. If you want to learn more about the transition from resource management to portfolio management to strategy execution, download the latest SPACER Method whitepaper here: Download Whitepaper. Please send any feedback or questions to

Resource Planning Summit 2017: Review

The #1 Conference for Resource Planning took place on September 10, 2017 at the celebrated Driskill Hotel in Austin. Celebrating our 7th year, RPS 2017 was one of the best events in Resource Planning Summit history. Take a look at some of our pictures and conference details to see how it all went down. RPS 2017 Review.


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